Flying Cars Are Really Coming To A Skyline Near You Soon

It has been the science fiction image of generations, the concept of flying cars whizzing around through the airspace. It all seems so futuristic and unattainable. Don’t tell that to the people at Uber though. They say that they are bringing flying cars to Dallas and Dubai by 2020 according to Wired.

A Car That Does Not Yet Exist in Uber

It is pretty astounding to think that Uber is promising that they will be testing these flying cars in Dallas in 2020 when the fact remains that the type of car they are talking about does not currently exist. The company is making some big promises that more than a few people are eager to see if they can keep.

The odd thing about all of this is that Uber is not planning to make the cars themselves. Instead, they are just putting the idea out there and hoping it lights a fire in some people to get it done. The company would like to see others actually come up with the designs and process for getting these cars into the skies. It is an odd release of power from the company onto others. It also might mean that this plan is doomed before it even gets started. Then again, perhaps not…

Startups Lining Up To Make Them

The Dallas News reports that startups are lining up in Silicon Valley to try to get these flying cars to become a reality. The concept is such a unique one, and people can see how the money would be there if they were to actually be able to make it happen.

The biggest struggle with this one is that there are some many barriers to making it happen. You have the fact that the technology does not exist, the fact that the FAA would have to come up with safety regulations for these vehicles, and so many other issues. The concept sounds like such a beautifully simplistic one on its face, but when you start to dig a little deeper into it, the problems start to show themselves.

Uber And NASA Teaming Up

Although there are certainly some doubts about this project, no one can say that Uber is not trying their absolute hardest to make it a reality. They have teamed up with NASA in an agreement meant to help both parties. Basically, NASA would like Uber to help with a new air traffic control system. Meanwhile, NASA would be hard at work on the actual infrastructure and creation of the vehicle necessary to make this work out.

Both sides are quietly at work on this one. Each side would like to get their work done so that the other may review it and see how it fits in with the overall vision for this project. talks about how Uber and NASA are not the only ones working on this project. Airbus is another company that has been giving this particular project a serious look. All companies realize how much in potential profits something like this could bring. It would literally change the face of transportation all throughout the world.

From Drones To Cars

Those who do have doubts about this whole project should read this article from In it, they detail how we have gone from having drones seem like something only for the military, to now having them commercially available.

Drones seemed like science-fiction at one point themselves. The truth though, is that they too are now a part of our everyday life. Most of us do not even think twice about seeing one flying around. They are even being used in some delivery services at this point. If they can make such a dramatic shift in their use in a short period of time, why is it not possible that flying cars could also be just around the corner? That is what Uber has been asking itself internally.

Why Dallas?

Dallas is not the only place selected as the testing ground for drones, but it is one of the prime spots that Uber is interested in for a variety of reasons. The first is that Dallas has a history with aviation projects. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are both headquartered in the area.

It is also true that Dallas is a great spot for holding conventions and capturing the attention of the public in general. People take note of the things that go on in Dallas, and they react to them. If you want to make a splash with some big project or product that you are working on, you bring it to Dallas. Uber is certainly trying to draw as much attention as possible for the work that it is doing.

There are some other spots in the world which also may enjoy the experience of getting these flying cars a little sooner than the rest of us. These include Dubai, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. These are all major innovation hubs, and it makes sense that they would have some of the first opportunities to experience what the latest in aviation looks like.

Uber may be about to go from a feisty startup to a company that completely changes the game in how we travel. They may be about to help create the science fiction world that so many of us have dreamed of for such a long time.