More Jobs Headed To San Antonio Via Amazon

Amazon is the tech giant that just cannot stop making headlines. The whole world has become a little obsessed with their every move since they have become such a large player in the world economy. Their scale makes them a very important player in nearly everything that they do. As such, when word starts to spread that the company is expanding operations in a particular area, a lot of people start to get very excited about it. They know that Amazon does not typically hire just a few people at a time. Rather, they hire hundreds or even thousands at once.

The San Antonio Express News has reported that Amazon has plans to add about 1,000 jobs to the area. The purpose of these jobs is to help staff a new fulfillment center that they are going to put right in the city.

What Workers Can Expect To Make

Wages paid by Amazon always vary by position. They value things such as experience and length of employment. That being said, the typical associate who starts out working there can expect to make $12 per hour to get started. That rate can improve as the person climbs up the ranks of positions within Amazon.

Benefits Make This Employer Shine

Among the things that Amazon offers to its employees that others do not is a great variety of benefits. A lot of employees are attracted to the company for this very reason. It turns out that those who work for Amazon can enjoy what is known as the Career Choice program. This is a program whereby Amazon will pay ninety-five percent of the tuition costs towards college courses that are in some way related to skills that could be used within Amazon.

Basically, the company will nearly cover the tuition bill of any courses for their employees who take courses that are relevant to their growth within Amazon. The company views it as an investment in its people, and the employees love it because it is an investment in themselves.

The Profit Picture

Interestingly, for a company as revered as Amazon, the profits just really aren’t there for them. Their profits went down dramatically year-over-year from 2016 to 2017. This is because they continued to expand into other industries that they had not previously been a part of.

This is all part of the overall strategy for Amazon. They look at each new market as a sort of challenge. This is a challenge that they happily embrace. They want to conquer as many markets as they possibly can. Doing all that expanding means a temporary halt on making profits. However, it can also mean that they are able to become a huge player in a variety of industries. They are concerned with profits at some point down the road, not right now.

Acquiring Other Companies

Some of the biggest headlines about Amazon as of late have to do with their acquisition of Whole Foods. The grocery giant was purchased outright by the company. Still, Amazon has remained rather muted about the purchase as there are still some regulatory barriers that they have to get across with this one.

Regulations may be one of the things that has Amazon the most concerned in the future. They would like to continue doing what they have been doing, but there is a chance that government forces will step in and attempt to reign in what some are seeing as a total monopoly of industries by Amazon.

Jeff Bezos Becomes The World’s Richest Man

The CEO of Amazon has become the world’s richest person as a result of the phenomenal growth of the company. He has a lot of that wealth tied up in Amazon stock. That is stock that just continues to rise and rise. He was able to wrestle away the top spot on the world’s richest list from Bill Gates. Gates had held the spot for a very long time, but the amount of wealth that has been created by Amazon is hard to compete with.

Potential Employees Will Have To Compete With A Lot Of Others

Those in the San Antonio area who hope to snag a job with Amazon will need to compete with a lot of others who are also trying to get those jobs. Every time Amazon opens a new fulfillment center or other workplace, they have thousands upon thousands of people apply for their jobs. They can only give a limited number of those people a job.

Given this dynamic, it is important to brush up one’s resume, and show oneself in the best possible light at the interview. This would be the same as trying to obtain any other job. The only difference here is that there is so much competition for a limited number of spots. It is a great thing to work for Amazon. Not only are there immediate benefits to working for the company, but it is also a great resume booster for the future. The citizens of San Antonio are about to have that opportunity presented to them.