Registering and Transferring Your Car in Texas

How to Register and Transfer Your Vehicle in Texas

You’ve just moved to Texas, and you’re getting settled into your new home. The next thing on your list is getting your car title changed over to your new state. This article will go over the steps you have to take to make this process an easy one.

Visiting the DMV

Once you move to Texas the countdown is on. You have 30 days to get your car titled and registered with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. As you’re getting ready to do this, you’ll have to get your car inspected. Your vehicle will be required to pass this inspection annually; to make sure it’s up to date with all the safety standards. The annual inspection checks for standard safety procedures as well as an emissions test.

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles List

As soon as you’ve passed your inspection, you can head down to your local DMV office to start the transfer process. When you present to the Texas DMV, you will have to have several documents with you to complete the process.

  • Your out-of-state auto title
  • Your out-of-state registration
  • A completed and signed Application for Texas Title Form
  • Proof of Texas vehicle insurance
  • Proof you had your car inspected and passed the inspection
  • Proof you paid your sales tax
  • Payment for the Texas title fees and taxes
  • If your car is ten years old or older, you’ll also need an odometer disclosure

Texas Title Transfer Fees

When you go to transfer your vehicle title over to your new state, there are fees and taxes attached that you have to pay before the process can be completed. Also, if you buy a car from a private seller and have the title transferred, there will be a 6.25 percent sales tax applied. Each fee varies from county to county, but a general range for them are listed below.

  • Automation Fee. $1.00
  • Inspection Fee. $30.75 and lower (each service station will charge additional fees for service when you have your vehicle inspected)
  • Insurance Verification Fee. $1.00
  • Local & County Fees. $31.50 or lower
  • Title Application. $28.00 to $33.00

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles does both the title transfer and registering at the same time, so once you start the process you can finish it in the same span of time.

Title Loans

If you find yourself needing cash for an emergency, you can take out a title loan. This section will go over how to get a car title loan in Texas. The first thing you need is a lien free vehicle title. You start by filling out an online application with all of your current information. Once it is filled out, you’ll get a phone call within a few minutes from the lender telling you if you’re approved or not. If you’re approved, go to the lender in person to get your cash. You will have to bring a few things with you, and they are listed below.

  • A Driver’s License or Valid Identification Card
  • Lien-Free Title to Your Vehicle
  • Your Vehicle for an Inspection

You trade your car title for the cash and your vehicle acts as collateral. If you don’t pay the loan back, you’ll forfeit your title and vehicle. You should try to pay this loan back as soon as possible because the interest rates are normally on the higher side.