Title Loans Alton

Everyone out there has probably struggled with finances at some point in life. Things are made much more difficult by the fact that some people have poor credit scores that limit loan availability. You may think you're not able to get approved for financing because of a lack of a credit history or poor credit overall. Yet this is probably not the case.

There are many loan products out there that may be perfect for you in your particular situation. You need to explore your options by learning about title loans in the Lone Star state.

How title loans Alton work

A title loan is a loan that involves using collateral. In this case, the collateral will be the borrower's vehicle. You need to fill out a Texas title loan application to see if you could possibly be approved for this type of loan. On your title loan application, it will be necessary for you to describe your car, truck, or van. A title loan requires a vehicle to be held as collateral. The value of the vehicle is important in determining loan eligibility.

Once you submit a loan application with us regarding our title loans Alton, you can expect a response back that will detail what we can offer you. Your response- if it comes in the form of a loan offer- will include the loan amount, the interest charges, the loan length, and any other information you need to come to a decision on the loan. If you choose to finalize the loan, you'll need to give us your title. Then, you'll start making payments until the loan is entirely paid back. After the loan is paid off, you'll get your title back.

Title loans Alton: State law in your area and how it affects your loan

Anybody who applies for title loan refinance in Texas should understand how state laws impact this alternative lending product. In Texas, you'll have to understand that certain limit are applied to available title loans in the star according to state law.

There are two major things you need to be aware of when it comes to state law in Texas and title loans Alton. They are as follows:

  • There is a limit according to state law on the maximum allowable interest rate on a title loan. In Texas, the interest rate on this type of loan is limited at 10 percent.
  • There is a limit on how long the loan term can be for this type of loan in Texas. A title loan in the state of Texas cannot have a loan term of any more than 180 days.

Although loan term and interest rates are limited by Texas law, there are no legal limits placed on the maximum permissible amount for which a title loan can be offered in the state.

Special benefits provided by this type of loan product

Before you take out this type of loan, you need to know how title loans Alton can benefit you. An online car title loan in Edinburg and elsewhere in Texas offers the following five benefits:

  • An easy way to apply- Applying can be done online, and that's simple and fast for many consumers with access to a computer.
  • Limited impact of credit history- Those with poor credit are often approved.
  • Flexibility- You have a lot of options with these loans.
  • No need for employment- Even unemployed applicants are approved regularly.
  • Minimal expenses- A small loan amount minimizes interest expenses.