Bridge City-Orangfield Car Title Loans

Having a friend to help you when money is tight is great, but few people have friends with money to spare. Most people are on their own during financial trouble, but it doesn't have to be that way. You have a valuable piece of property to use as leverage for a car title loan Texas.

What are Title Loans Bridge City-Orangefield?

People all across Texas use title loans Bridge City-Orangefield as a way to get fast cash, and more people are discovering them every day. Why? Because you get to use something you already have, your car, to get something you really need, money.

Here's how it works. If you're at least 18 and own a vehicle, you can use the car as collateral for a title loan. Amounts given are based on the value of your vehicle. Paying it back comes with the flexibility to renew the loan, if you see that you will need more time to make payments. You will need a job or some type of income so you can afford the loan notes.

Apply for Title Loans Bridge City-Orangefield

One reason title loans Bridge City-Orangefield are easy is the application. Complete it online, and you don't have to drive to a loan office, wait in line or wait to see a loan representative. That's a time saver, and busy people like you need that. All you do is to tell us who you are and how to contact you, and we need to know the make, model and mileage of your car so we can assess its value. We'll send you a loan offer right away that is based on the value of your car.

Knowing how much money you're about to get can help you decide whether or not to take the loan. Accept our offer, and you will work out the details of the loan with one of our representatives. This happens quickly, so don't worry that you'll be waiting a long time to get your money. Most loans are processed and handed out in less than a day.

Legal Guidelines

Lenders must be licensed by the state of Texas, which helps the state regulate the industry and provide consumer protection. Some state guidelines include limiting interest on car title loans to 10 percent and giving borrowers up to 180 days to pay back the loan when the original term and renewals are added together. Texas does not limit loan amounts.


Money is the one word that says it all when it comes to title loans Bridge City-Orangefield. You need. We have it, and we give it to you. All you have to do to get title loan money is complete a short and simple Texas title loan application and spend a little time working out the details with a loan representative. With our streamlined and efficient system, you could apply and get the money in the same day.

Because we base our loans on vehicles as collateral, and we don't worry with credit checks, we can help more people. We're talking about those of you with bad credit or bankruptcies. That type of thing doesn't matter to us, which benefits you because your title loan in Port Arthur is approved instead of being denied the way it would be with a mainstream lender.

If you're worried about a short 30 day loan term and how you'll pay off the debt in that time, don't be. With renewals, you get up to 180 days to pay us back. So, let us know if you're struggling so that we can start the loan renewal process.