Car Title Loans Burleson, TX

Title Loans

  • Short term loans only
  • Available in smaller amounts (a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars)
  • No credit check
  • No employment history check
  • Lender only asks for vehicle title, borrower identification, proof of
  • residency and employment
  • Loans typically processed in one or two days

Traditional Lenders

  • Loans are repaid over a longer period of time
  • Loans are not offered in small amounts
  • Credit history checked
  • Often requests employment history and other personal information
  • May take several weeks to establish credit worthiness and approve or deny a loan request

Title Loan Application

It’s easier than ever to be approved for a loan because title loan Burleson lenders let you apply online. Through their website, fill out a quick application with your name, phone number and zip code. Include the year, make and model of your vehicle, as well as its mileage. Click and you’re done. Immediately, you get an estimated title loan amount, which is based on the value of your vehicle or motorcycle. A loan officer contacts you soon afterward to take photos of the car and arrange a time for you to sign loan paperwork.

Legal Requirements

As with other lending institutions, title loan companies must abide by state, and sometimes local, rules and regulations. Texas Title Loans can help you out no matter where you’re located in Texas, including Fort Worth title loans. While title loans Burleson has no specific laws or ordinances in place for short-term lenders, they must still follow state law. These guidelines mandate that title lenders deal fairly with customers by fully disclosing certain operating procedures that help customers understand the lending process.

  • Title loan companies must either provide printed lending information to customers or display it in a way that is easy to see, as well as easy to read and understand.
  • Each topic of printed information must be on its own sheet of standard-size paper.
  • Information provided or displayed must include a fee schedule of all products offered by the lender.
  • Information provided must include single and multiple payment guidelines. Customers must get this information before applying for or being granted a loan.
  • Information provided must include three to five examples of the most common loan types. Examples must include standard fees, any additional charges applied at the beginning of the loan and any charges applied when a customer has non-sufficient funds in a bank account used to repay the loan. Examples must also include the standard repayment term and annual percentage rate.
  • Internet loan offers must clearly display legally required documents.

Title Loan Burleson Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of a title loan is how quickly you get the money. From the time you make an application to the time the cash is placed in your hand, only a few days has passed. Sometimes, the process is completed in just one day. Another benefit is that there is no credit check, which works extremely well for those with a lower credit score. Plus, you get to keep the car. While you repay the loan, the lender keeps the title and you keep driving. Overall, if you need quick cash, a title loan may be one of your better options.