Car Title Loans in El Paso, TX

Cash is necessary to live a contented life, but sometimes additional expenses come up unexpectedly and leave you in stress. Abscond your financial worries and enjoy the advantage of El Paso title loans. Try out this most secure method of organizing cash during your cash emergency hours.

Effective Solution for People with Bad Credit Score

With less formalities and quick procedure, this loan is serving the need of all Texans. This is a useful option for people possessing bad credit score since banks don’t grant them loans and they always struggle in finding a reliable source. Now El Paso title loans are there to support them financially. You merely require possessing a vehicle and you get the title loan from any lenders in Texas within 30 to 60 minutes.

Documents You Need to Get Loan Quickly

Title loan lenders deliberately have made their process short and swift. This they have done by reducing the application process steps and by eliminating requirements like borrowers’ financial record, credit card details and all those steps that were time-consuming for borrowers. Title loan lenders have come up with three simple steps in which they merely require:

  • Clear Vehicle Title
  • Vehicle Registration
  • License or any photo ID

Give these documents to the lender you are dealing with and immediately he will provide you cash – of course after you discuss all the terms and conditions that are likely to include in the agreement. There will not be any peculiar condition, in fact very ordinary but still important information would be there like:

  • Rate of Interest
  • Monthly Installment
  • Payment Method
  • Grace Period
  • Other fees, if any

Generally, lenders don’t claim any processing fee. They provide 10 day grace period for each month’s installments and the first installment would be after a month. Depending on your loan amount, you can choose the loan repayment period. If you manage to pay your entire loan earlier than pre-selected period then you can do this as well with ease and there will not be any prepayment penalty.

Loan Amount is based on Vehicle Evaluation

It is your vehicle that makes you eligible for a title loan, not your credit score. The loan amount is determined after the vehicle evaluation process. Here a lender collects the details from you about your vehicle and assess its worth and provides you with a title loan estimate that you can borrow from the lender. The other documents also sometimes boost the worth of vehicle, especially if they are in good form. If your documents are not in good condition, you can get its copies from Department of Motor Vehicles, Texas by following this simple procedure.

  • Download VTR-34, Application for a Certified Copy of Title from DMV website.
  • Enclose your photo Id with the form
  • Pay fee of $2 by check or money order payable to Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Mail the application to the following address:

Texas DMV
1601 Southwest Parkway, Suite A
Wichita Falls, TX 76302

Get more details about car title loans by contacting our customer care representative. She will impart you legal and other title loan related information.