Auto Title Loans Friendswood

It happens to everyone. The bills come too quickly or something terrible and unexpected happens, then there is no money to pay for the regular household bills or for the extra problem that has happened.

  • This need for money can happen when the holidays hit and there is not enough to go around.
  • Car title loans can come in handy because they can give you funds when you need them without the complication of going through a bank, family, or friends.

Getting a Car Title Loan

When you search for title loans Friendswood or title loans Texas on the Internet, there will be many loan shops that come up. This is a great thing because these shops will not judge your situation and want to help you the best way they can. Texas Title Loans can help you out no matter where you’re located in Texas, including residents of Houston.

  • They can loan you the money, based on the value of your car.
  • They will hold the title of your car safely until the loan is paid.
  • Then, once you have paid the loan back, they will return the title of your car to you and the loan will be satisfied.

Applying for the Title Loan

To begin the application, you can search on the Internet for title loans Texas or title loans Friendswood. Once you have chosen the shop that is right for you:

  • Fill out the application online will help you get the loan faster.
  • They will also be able to send you a title loan estimate based on the car’s information that you already supplied on the application.

Make certain to give all the information about your car:

  • The mileage
  • The make and model
  • The year of the car
  • The condition of the car’s exterior and interior
  • All your personal information.

Once that is finished, you can choose to have a loan representative call you and discuss the terms of the loan with you or go into the shop. You will need to visit the shop at some point to get the money. When you arrive at the shop, they will be able to pull up your information and continue with the loan process quickly.

The Legal Part of a Loan

Legally, the Texas Legislature accepts title loans because the Credit Services Organization Act registers the shops as a third party lender. Therefore, the shops can charge any interest rate they choose, but the customer can negotiate those rates if the shop will accept the negotiation. While a negotiated rate for the loan is rare, it can happen, if the situation warrants it. The loans can be assigned a time period of weeks or months, depending upon the borrower’s needs. Rolling over the loan, to either add more to the amount borrowed or adds more time to pay it off is an option for the borrower when the need is there.

The loans can only be issued to people with a valid identification card, like a driver’s license or a passport. The borrower needs to have a current checking account for the shop to electronically debit the money from when it comes due. The last thing needed to get the loan is a job. Proof of employment is an important and legal requirement for getting a loan.

The Benefits of A Car Title Loan

These loans allow the borrower to pay off pressing financial needs without allowing the family’s budget to suffer. The loans are guaranteed by the borrower’s car; therefore the value of the car is used to determine how much the borrower can receive. This allows the borrower to decide how much to borrow and keep control on their loan.