Horizon City Car Title Loans

In times of financial need, people often look to friends and their loved ones for support. However, there isn't always someone there to back you up, and you may not be keen on selling your belongings at a low dollar to get the money you need quickly. How do you handle a situation like this?

Title loans Horizon City are here to make the difference between keeping the roof over your head and losing it entirely. We offer some pretty sweet benefits:

  • No credit checks
  • 24-hour loan delivery
  • Lowest overhead charges of any temporary loan option
  • Easygoing payment window

The only catch? Well, that depends on what you think. Is the temporary relinquishment of the title to any car, motorcycle or motorboat registered in your name really that big a deal? After all, you can still use these vehicles while the loan is out! We merely use the title as a form of legal collateral that also helps us determine the size of the loan you can take out. We just happen to think that we're the best option for fast title loans Texas!

Easy Applying Online

The cool thing about online title loans is, they're super quick to apply for and take only a minute or less to fill out all the information we need. Really, getting your foot in the door is a matter of knowing the following details:

  • your name
  • a phone number that we can reliably reach you at
  • your ZIP code to help us pinpoint your whereabouts
  • the vehicle you're offering us the title to
  • said vehicle's mileage (for loan valuing purposes)

With all of this in hand, we'll determine a free loan quote and contact you back at our earliest convenience to get the ball rolling on that much-needed cash to pay off those bills this month. Generally speaking, the only other information we'll need from you at this point is some form of identity and evidence of your income situation. Ideally, you'll want a steady and predictable income so we can more accurately determine how large a loan you'll be able to take out.

The Laws That Protect You

"Surely there are laws covering the distribution of title loans near me, right?" Absolutely! Title loan companies are held to strict regulations to keep scammers at bay and ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. Here are a few laws to know about when taking out title loans Horizon City:

  1. All title loan representatives must be legally certified in order to create and issue title loans.
  2. No loan payment window may be smaller than 30 days.
  3. No loan company may ever increase your interest rate in excess of 10% — ever.
  4. The vehicle attached to the title that you provide does not technically belong to us and can not be repossessed unless you haven't paid up or refinanced within one month of your dues being late.
  5. The courts strongly favor the client over the lender!

Why Title Loans?

If you need a title loan in El Paso, you might be wondering now what we're not telling you about our competitors. Rest easy — we've said so little because there's little to say about them. Their offerings are smaller, slower, less convenient and typically not as flexible as our lending services. Title loans Horizon City are here to keep your eyes on the horizon ahead with the least demanding overhead rates of any loan type. After all, our goal isn't to make your situation worse — we're here to help!