Title Loans Jacksonville

There are times when you need cash, and you need it fast. During these times, the last thing you want is a long and tedious loan application process. While cash advances and payday loans are a good way to get money, car title loans work even faster. Title loans in Jacksonville can be approved within 24 hours of application.

One of the major incentives of a Texas title loans is the ease in obtaining a cash loan. The loan approval is not determined by your credit score. Credit ratings are a major deterrent when it comes to obtaining loans. A car title loan is primarily based on the total value of your car. You can easily get a loan that is equal or less than the value of your vehicle. The lender will simply inspect the car and determine its worth.

In Texas, most title loan companies also operate online. For instance, you can easily obtain an online car title loan in Nacogdoches. The lender will also have representatives to deal with any queries you may have. Another major incentive is the flexible title loan refinance. You may choose to repay it in a single payment, or you and the lender can come with a payment plan that you are comfortable with.

Texas title loan application

To get approved for a title loan, you need to fill out the application form with the following details:

  • Vehicle information including the year, the model and mileage details.
  • Personal information including, name, business or phone number and the zip code.

Once this information has been filled, you will immediately receive a free loan estimate. This will inform your decision on the loan amount that you can request for. Once your details have been confirmed, our representatives will get back to you with more details on your application. You can also seek clarifications and more information on your car title loan application.

Texas laws on title loans

Car title loans and other loans are subject to regulations embedded in the constitution. Usury protections prohibit title loan lenders from charging an interest of more than 10%. This is unless the Texas Legislature is revised to a higher rate. The good news for lenders is that the Texas Constitution does not place a cap on the maximum amount loan amount that can be given. This is left to the discretion of the lender.

Title loan borrowers in Texas pay about $20 for a $100 loan. The average repayment term is 29 days. As a borrower, you will be delighted to note that the cost of borrowing in Texas is low compared to other states. This is an added incentive to obtaining a title loan.

If you are contemplating on car title loans in Jacksonville, there are several advantages of car title loans that you should be aware of.

Quick and easy loans

When you are in a dire financial situation, what you need is a quick and easy way to obtain cash. Car title loans in Jacksonville fit this profile. You can have the cash deposited to your account on the same day.

Credit scores do not matter

Car title loans have no credit checks. These loans are primarily based on your collateral (car). This means that you can apply even if you have a poor credit rating. The lender also bears less risk because the loan is insured against your vehicle. As such, car title loans are much cheaper compared to cash advances and payday loans. Once you finish making your payments, you get the title of your car back. In addition to this, you can still continue driving and using your vehicle without any restrictions.