Title Loans in Lubbock, TX

Have you been fired without any warning and now you’re not sure how you will provide for your family? Have you been in an accident that put you in the hospital and now you’re not sure how you will pay the hospital bills on top of your regular bills? Have you been stuck in a debt cycle that you just can’t seem to escape and now you’re not sure how you will even make it out?

Today’s society makes life hard by making us work hard with little results. In today’s society, the average person works many more hours than a few decades ago and with not much change in the standard of living. So what happens when the small wages we earn are not enough to provide us a decent life or help us in times of crisis? What can we do to make everything better again?

Well, we could get another job and work even harder. Or we could apply for a bank loan. Or perhaps ask a friend or family member to give us a helping hand. But all of those solutions are not really the answer you seek.

You’re looking for something more independent and certain. Well, look no further. You can solve your money issue today in only a few hours with little to no paperwork and little to no stress.

Lubbock title loans provide clients with money for their car. Read more to learn just how it’s done and how you can get one today in Lubbock, Texas.

How does a Lubbock title loan work?

First, with either an online title loan or car payment receipts, you visit a title loan office and speak with a title loan lender. They will also request that you provide a valid photo ID that proves you are at least 18 years of age and you must fill out a title loan application right there on the spot.

Second, one the title loan lender has evaluated your documentation; you will be given a free car quote. Each free car quote is done by a loyal team of car professionals who will be working hard to get you the maximum loan possible for your car. The team of car experts will also use the Kelley Blue Book to help determine the estimate and ensure that the free car title loan quote is accurate.

Third, you will meet with the lender to discuss the title loan contract and its details. In addition, you will also discuss the payment plan options. There are a variety of payment plans and there’s certainly one that will suit you and your lifestyle. Here is the time to ask questions if you have any.

Finally a Quick Solution to Your Financial Troubles

Finally, you will be given an address to a local office where you will pick up your loan. Typically, clients wait between 24-48 hours, but in some cases, it can be less or more –it all depends.

What about my credit score?

Texas title loans only base the loan amount on the car. This means that regardless of your credit score, whether it be flawed or perfect, you should feel confident in applying. Your background, if it has errors, will not be used against you.

If a credit score is run at the title loan office, it will simply be a matter of protocol based on the office’s practices. Again, the credit score will not be used against you in any circumstances.

How much will the loan be?

That depends on the condition and year of your car. Of course, newer cars in good condition bolster high loan a+mounts than older cars in less than perfect condition. What is consistent is the standard practice of offering no more than 75% of the car’s equity to clients.