Title Loans in Midland

Extra cash is never a bad thing. This additional income may be used to pay for home improvements, much-needed vacations or any unpaid expenses. Traditional lenders like banks often look at your credit history to determine if you are right for a personal loan.

However, most of us lack the credit required to even apply. For an easier way to get instant cash, consider a title loan in Midland instead. Title loans in Dallas / Midland can be approved for up to $1,340 all depending on your vehicle’s current worth!

To find out more and learn how much you can get for your vehicle title, apply online and get started on the process towards getting a title loan!

What is a Title?

A vehicle title, more specifically, is legal documentation that certifies you as the unquestioned owner of the car in your possession. You get this paper when your monthly car payments are completed. Some individuals who have inherited the vehicle may also get the title of their cars transferred to their name.

In regards to title loans online, your vehicle title is used instead of your credit score to make sure you will pay the loan back. You will still be able to use the car you own during this time.

Where Can I Apply?

Online applications are provided to you on the website. Your vehicle make, model, style, year and mileage are the only necessary questions you need to answer to get a free title loan estimate! You will also be contacted by one of our loan representatives to guide you through what else you need to do to complete the process.

You must visit a title loan site to get the money, and your representative will be able to find a lender in your area for you. Some documents you must bring include:

  • Photo ID (Passport, State ID, Driver’s License)
  • Proof of income (pay stubs or bank statements)
  • Vehicle title

With the documents listed above, your vehicle must also be present at the time you sign to get the money. The title loan lender has to inspect your car and adjust your loan amount based on the conditions. Damages or previous car accidents may affect your loan and can slightly or greatly decrease because of it.

Additional Title Loan Info

Your title loan lender may repossess your vehicle if you fail to make all of the necessary payments to your loan. The lender must notify you of repossession before they take the vehicle, and cannot use any force or violence to breach the peace. If your vehicle is stored on a private lot, the lender may not break into the storage to take your vehicle, this includes garages.

After repossession, your lender may choose to sell the vehicle to pay off your loan. If the lender makes too much money, the rest of the amount goes to you, however, if they do not make enough you are still responsible to pay the amount off.